argyle fridge

RIP lavender argyle fridge. May you live on in our memories and this (crappy) camera phone picture. You deserved better.

It was tragically laid to waste at the hands of an over-eager roommate but plans for its reincarnation have been hatched. 2010 will see a new and improved version of the original design in my boyfriend’s and my (no roommates) apartment.

I’m considering two options. I’ve found a source for custom cut vinyl diamond decals but I’m also considering hand cutting them from shelf liner. I’m not sure if shelf liner will be tacky enough, or maybe that it will be too tacky and leave the fridge a mess.

The custom decal supplier is clearly the costlier of the two but is pretty much my only option until I can find shelf liner in the right color (aquamarine) to test. I’m also putting red contrast diamonds up in electrical tape.


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