Craptacular, I just missed the Craftacular!

Well, the BUST magazine Craftacular has come and gone.

As a former subscriber of BUST and all around artsy gal, I would have loved to be a part of it. I guess I’ll put it on my (ever increasing) list of goals for next year (which, note to self, also includes submitting a gift certificate for a custom illustration done by myself to the PS59 silent auction).

Today I wandered around Home Depot sourcing materials for the curtain project I will be undertaking. Since high school I have lived in a number of apartments with no real window coverings, instead I’ve made do with various extra sheets and blankets nailed over or shut into windows in lieu of blinds or drapes. While college chic certainly is practical, it usually looks like hell and I feel like putting up drapes is as much of a big-kid move as getting one’s mattress off the floor is (people, c’mon).

I will need dowels, glossy black paint and something to act as a finial on the ends of each dowel. After considering drawer pulls, right now I’m thinking my best option are rubber leg tips like these:

Though I will probably continue to pursue my options as I’m afraid it’s going to end up looking like I roughed up and nicked the canes of several elderly citizen to hang my drapes.

I’m pretty sure these Lenda curtains from Ikea are what I’m working with. I bought them because they were white, inexpensive (as far as curtains go) and made of fibers that will accept dye, namely, these dyes:

The plan is to plastic-coat a significant part of the living room for a tub dyeing session. As I would like to keep my security deposit intact, this will be attempted with the utmost care and attention to detail.  This undertaking also makes me glad that we ended up with the linoleum floors despite what I thought of them initially. Each curtain (4 blue and 2 red) will be dipped and drawn out of the tub in 20 minute increments or so, to make a ombre effect with the darkest third at the bottom of the curtain.


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One Response to “Craptacular, I just missed the Craftacular!”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    I can’t wait to see and hear how it came out. Good luck not destroying your floors!

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