now for one of my biggest projects ever….


My main man proposed and now I have a FIANTHAY.

I don’t think that word is ever going to not sound ridiculous but I also feel like I’m discrediting our commitment by continuing to call him my boyfriend. Man-friend? No good. Knowing my luck, I will probably think of a great middle ground term the day after our wedding. And then I will copyright it….

Anyway, Mike made the proposal really special by incorporating it into a scavenger hunt!!

My sweet ass ring looks like this:

and was purchased on Etsy.

We’re pretty positive we’ll get married during the summer of 2011 which gives me a little over a year to space out all the responsibilities because of course, I want to be as creatively involved as is sanely possible.

I’ve already decided that my first creative wedding project is going to be carving a cake topper to match the tattoos we got for our one year anniversary! As you can see, Mike’s and my relationship ‘totem’ is a salt and pepper shaker set. Deciding to get the shakers tattooed was an obvious choice for us because the idea resulted with such perfect acceptance on both sides that there was no question about who was who, at all. I’ll be looking to get my hands on a block of basswood or balsa to carve and paint and see what happens!







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3 Responses to “now for one of my biggest projects ever….”

  1. Katey Dutton Says:

    AHHH excited for you Cat! I love the ring, I love the tattoos. You guys seem GOOD.

    Glad this internet world could bring you back in to my life post Duck Store.

  2. cleanuponaisle9 Says:

    I’ve said it a bunch already but why not here as well… CONGRATS YOU TWO <3

  3. salt and pepper shaker cake topper « create Says:

    […] know I said I was going to carve this out of wood… don’t think I forgot. It’s just that after […]

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