playboy congrats card

hurray for kate romero!

I recently did some digital retouching (tell all your friends) for a photographer in LA. Shortly afterwards I learned through a mutual friend  at Stump’d Design that she was competing on the Playboy Shoot Out reality show.

Not only was Kate one of only 2 female photographers, she kicked everyone’s ass and won!

I love a good excuse to draw so I decided to send her a congrats card. It’s on Waste Not Paper, which I love, and the grey circle is actually a big sticker!

I’m really pleased with how the design came out. Initially I had plans to use boobs in it but I think this turned out a little bit classier. Also, this is one of my first serious forays into the world of cross-hatching. You can see a slight change in density from the outer edges to the center of the bunny which looks nice and intentional but was more the product of me getting lazy. Don’t tell.


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2 Responses to “playboy congrats card”

  1. cleanuponaisle9 Says:

    I really like the bunny!!

  2. Diane Says:

    Love your shading on the bunny.
    Great way to put your art out there Cat.

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