lavender syrup!

As a former bartender and general appreciator of all things delicious I’ve recently become fascinated with the idea of making herb flavored simple syrups.

Actually, first I was overcome with the idea of making vanilla or herb flavored jello but I haven’t gotten around to trying that quite yet. Someday.

i <3 knox gelatin

My first attempt at herb syrup was miserable. I had two withered stalks of lemon grass that I chopped up and then over-boiled. The simple syrup smelled of overcooked lemon grass and the taste was negligible. You practically had to drink it straight to taste it (ew). That ended up in the toilet.

Attempt number two was much more successful. I used fresh MINT(!) and found a great recipe online that called for equal parts mint, sugar and water and directions to boil it for only ONE minute, not 15 like the previous recipe. The mint simple syrup is delicious in tea and club soda (I’m sure it would be great in vodka too but I haven’t bothered to get any).

Next thing I knew I was eyeballing the Ziploc bag of dried lavender I’ve carried around for years. It was harvested in the backyard of Terry McDonald (this man is amazing, I picked one of the zillion links that come up when you google him) which means it’s pesticide free. I must have intended to make sachet with it but after a several years and a cross-continental move, it seemed like the right thing to do.

This time I cut the water and sugar down to try to get a more pungent product and it worked great! Since the buds were dried they soaked up a lot of the water and I had to squeeze them through cheesecloth to get my delicious simple syrup back. The whole procedure took less than 15 min and resulted in a little over a cup of fragrant amber liquid.


Again, delicious in soda. We made white wine spritzers with it as well which were quite nice.

Next on my agenda is BASIL SYRUP! It’s intended purpose is to be mixed with prosecco (mmmmm). I’m more into the taste than the sweetness so I’ve considered doubling the herb to the water and sugar amounts, but I’ll be working with fresh basil this time which I assume is going to give up a lot more flavor than anything I’ve used so far.

I’ll probably one and a half it to be ~safe~.


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