as luck would have it

I’ve shied away from handmade gift certificates in my adult years. As a kid I used them as a quick fall-back present for family members when I hadn’t been on the ball and put more thought into a gift.

Not to say that they can’t be a wonderful gift, in fact, they’re more personal than something store-bought. I suspect it was my association with that ‘oh shit’ moment that turned me off to them.

That said, Mike and I recently faced a gift-giving dilemma that a handmade gift certificate solved! I’d asked our friend Marc (the birthday boy) the name of his favorite brunch place in the city but when we got there, no gift certificates!

After getting the news, we stalked out to the street corner to hem and haw with our chins in our hands, mulling over our options. That was, until Mike reminded me that handmade GC’s ARE pretty rad. I then decided to record the saga on the gift itself.

click to see full size!

(The text says, ‘Hey, did you know… that Kate’s Joint, does NOT sell gift certificates? Neither did we!!)

I’m pretty pleased with how the monochrome turned out. Kind of wishing I hadn’t forgotten the syrup on the pancakes though!

Coincidentally, Marc’s birthday was on Friday the 13th AND at a tattoo parlor  so I also walked away with this little gem. It was put on me by Andy Perez.

I’ve always wanted a skeleton key and ~tattoo lore~ says it’s lucky to get a 13 tattooed on Friday the 13th. Maybe now I’ll have good luck getting into and out of situations.


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One Response to “as luck would have it”

  1. Diane Lemery McDonald Says:

    Brunch and a piece of your artwork all in one. What a great birthday gift indeed. Love ya

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