big spoon, little spoon

To order this image as a card please click here.

With plenty of lead time, aprons (in white, navy and khaki) can also be made available with this print. Please send inquiries to catbee643 (at)

spoons in love

I’ve been wanting to do a spoon illustration for a while. Since my birthday just passed, I decided to whip one up and order some thank you cards with the spoons on the front.

**If you would like to use this image in a blog post, please provide a link back to me. This image cannot be used for a logo without an appropriate license**


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4 Responses to “big spoon, little spoon”

  1. spoon <3 cards! « create Says:

    […] new thank you cards arrived […]

  2. painting buddies being buddies « create Says:

    […] Remember big spoon <3 little spoon? […]

  3. PS 59 silent auction « create Says:

    […] See? There is my spoon pic! […]

  4. Charlotte Says:

    Are you still selling this card? Please e-mail me your reply as i probably wont find the page again to check back

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