new role model

About one month ago I learned about Katie Sokoler of the blog, ‘Color Me Katie‘.

Totally enamored with her style, I read every post until the very beginning. I LOVE her use of color and her clear appreciation for whimsy and lightheartedness, for example:

both images ©katie sokoler 2010

There might be a jillion pics of her hovering in space because she’s so full of fun and light that she floats! At least I’m pretty sure she does.

Anyway, reading through her posts reminded me that I’d kind of taken a break from being my best self. Our move across country had initially put most art projects on hold, additionally, a locally contracted case of misanthropy had worn away at my cheer. At the beginning of this year I felt like I was ready to turn over a new leaf and Katie’s photos and profuse number of ~completed~ projects reminded me that I needed to happy and GET MOVING!

In an effort to reduce negativity and wasted time, I made the somewhat difficult decision to stop reading (notice how I’m not linking? I don’t want you to suffer the same affliction). I’d somehow convinced myself that star-gazing online was less of a waste of time than parking my butt in front of cable tv (which we don’t have, fortunately). As a consequence I was able to discuss the social mishaps of Kim Kardasian, Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Momsen in a way that is unnatural for a woman my age.

I am pleased to say that I feel like things are improving, for example, this blog is a part of my new productivity as are all the things I feature on it. The negative attitude is slowly being surrounded, cornered and vaporized as well.

But enough about me…. is it any surprise to find out that Katie is a part of Improv Everywhere? I’ll leave you with a video of their most recent stunt at Coney Island.


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  1. stop-motion inspiration « create Says:

    […] This last one was shot and directed by my friend Andrew Jive and stars Katie Sokoler whom I’ve mentioned before. […]

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