birthday party animation

For my birthday this year I decided I wanted to have a mashed potato ‘sundae’ bar and to do a group art project.  Check out the ‘ice cream’ we made.


We dyed  regular mashed potatoes with carrot and beet juice. They still tasted the same but were super bright and fun! Then we added beef brisket, sauces and toppings to make our ‘sundaes’! I was so happy that my dill-garlic yogurt  sauce  went over well. I subbed it for sour cream because I’m lactose-intolerant (and it’s healthier).

friends building their sundaes

here's mine!

Ok, fine, it doesn’t look much like a sundae but it tasted great!

After the comfort-food-fest we got to work on the animation. The first order of business was to select a scene and we chose OUTER SPAAAACE. While everyone was cutting stars we came up with some great and funny ideas like winged ponies and skeletons. “Winged ponies and skeletons in outer space?”, you might say all ~skeptically~.  To that I answer YES, have YOU ever been there?

Without further ado….

Big thanks to everyone who came. It was super fun! :)

and Charles (not pictured), who had to go to work.


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