salty eggs – 2 ways

Sounds gross eh? These directions might not even convince you but trust me, these babies are like crack. We made so many of each of them that I was starting to get concerned about our cholesterol levels.

It all started with Momofuku ramen….

Momofuku is a food purveyor well-known for amazingly delicious treats and the ramen is no exception. With it is served a soft-boiled soy egg which I decided to figure out how to make myself. I don’t have pictures for this recipe so I’ll make it brief.

Soy Marinated Eggs

1-4 eggs, room temperature

soy sauce

1. Put room temperature eggs in pot of water and set on high heat. Boil for 4 and a half minutes.

The reason that I start with room temperature eggs and cold water is because I want them soft-boiled (re: squishy, liquidy delicious yolks) and I want to avoid any drastic temperature discrepancies that might make that hard to gauge the timing.

2. At 4 and a half minutes, drain boiling water and cool eggs immediately by running cold water over them. You want to stop the cooking process so you don’t end up with hard yolks.

3. Once they are cool, carefully crack the shells and peel them.

4. Submerge peeled eggs in soy sauce and refrigerate. I used a Ziploc bag to avoid wasting a bunch of soy sauce.

5. Slice in half and serve on top of ramen.

WARNING: do not prepare these eggs more than 24 hours in advance (and that’s pushing it). They will absorb so much soy sauce that they will be gross.

When done properly, the egg will be brown from the soy sauce but, when sliced in half  you will be able to see that it has only been absorbed by the outermost layer.

After having mastered the soy egg, I was telling my friend Chelsea about it and she swapped me the steps for pickled hard-boiled eggs. While pickled eggs sound reminiscent of small town truck stops with hot mama’s and elk jerky to me, I figured, why not? Several batches later I think it’s safe to say that these are pretty damn good. If you like deviled eggs, you’ll love these because that is exactly what they taste like.

Pickled Hard-Boiled Eggs


Pickle juice (I recycled since I don’t know how to make this yet)

Spicy sauce (if you want some zip!)

here are the ingredients I used

1. Hard boil your eggs. This recipe is much better with eggs cooked all the way through. A runny yolk is not good, unless you’re serving them in soup or ramen like the soy egg.

tick tock tick tock

2. Again, cool your eggs. In this case it isn’t so much to arrest to cooking process as it is to make them easier to handle.


3. Once cool, carefully crack and peel your eggs


4. Stir a dollop (or more, it’s up to you) of chili sauce into your pickle juice and drop the eggs in!


Unlike the soy eggs that should be eaten relatively quickly, these eggs can hang out in your fridge for a week or more without getting too strong. You can eat them plain, in an egg salad sandwich or any other way you can think of that will be enhanced by their spicy-vinegary kick!


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2 Responses to “salty eggs – 2 ways”

  1. Jocelyn Says:


    those soy ones would be beautiful with the shells left on after cracking.
    I know what I’m doing tonight :)

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