basil garlic butter

Some say necessity is the mother of invention. Sometimes free groceries are the mother of invention instead. As an habitual margarine user it took me a while to get around to making herb-infused butter because I had to bother to get some. Fortunately for me, a food shoot at my work left a couple sticks of butter one day and I didn’t have to think about it any more.

Herb-infused butter is really easy and super delicious. It would be a quick crowd-pleaser to throw together to share on Thanksgiving. Here we go!

Basil-Infused Butter

unsalted-butter, room temperature

fresh basil chiffonade

1 or 2 cloves garlic, mashed



clean and dry plastic egg carton


make sure your butter has had time to sit out

Mashing up cold butter with a spatula sucks. Put your butter out before you check your email or catch up on your Facebook Scrabble games so it has time to soften.

add salt and pepper to taste

You’ll want to add salt even if you’re working with salted butter. This is appetizer butter and benefits from the flavor that extra salt brings out. Also, add your garlic and fold everything together. *A note to garlic lovers* I love, love, LOVE garlic too, but don’t get carried away here. Adding too much garlic will make the basil taste like an afterthought which is a waste of fresh basil.

this is what basil chiffonade looks like

To chiffonade your basil, roll the leaves up hotdog way and then slice finely from end to end. You want to create thin ribbons of basil. This maximizes flavor by releasing lots of basil oil and makes the pieces easy to chew up with the bread.

fold in the basil

Fold until the ingredients are evenly disbursed and then give it a taste. If it is too salty, you can add more butter, if the basil is weak, add more chiffonade etc.

this basil butter is ready

Finding myself without a muffin pan I saved a plastic egg carton and spooned the butter into the compartments. Once frozen, they pop out into perfect serving sizes. If you want to utilize both sides of the carton, just put a sheet of parchment paper between them.

et voilà, individual servings!

Like all butter, this tastes amazing on warm bread with a good crust, it would be equally delicious on a fish filet or pasta. Don’t bother cooking with it because the basil flavor weakens dramatically from the heat, it’s better to use this as garnish on the finished product. Since making this recipe I’ve also used thyme and dill with excellent results so don’t be afraid to experiment!


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