t-day comic

Here’s a day early  Thanksgiving day comic since I expect and hope you will all will be partaking in some form of merriment tomorrow.

....chug chug chug chug....

The story is that I didn’t come from a gravy family. Mom didn’t make gravy, we didn’t buy gravy and because of this, I regarded it with suspicion when we ate holiday dinners at other peoples’ houses. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I finally had gravy and realized that it could be awesome…. but I had no idea how it was made.

Even as an adult, gravy science eluded me completely until I learned that to make proper gravy, you have to actually cook a bird. This is something I still have not done, but intend to do sometime before I’m 30.

~Serious Moment~

I’m grateful for my AWESOME fiancé, my family who video chat with me to stay in touch despite the distance, my job for giving me lots of free time to make art(!), my boss for being fun and my friends because they are the best.

~Slightly Less Serious Moment~

I’m also grateful for sunshine, robots, zucchini, my new-found ability to save money, korean bbq, tomato sauce, tongs, garlic, cats, youtube videos of animals talking, olives, public transportation, french bulldogs, mermaids, watercolors, french pop music, pandora, my potato slippers, netflix instant watch, tea, when the top of the empire state building disappears into fog, momofuku, Thai spare ribs, fuzzy bath mats, the art store right by my house, $12 brunch at Harefield, red wine and my bed.


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