fashion illustration II

Why has it taken me this long to draw pretty dresses? I’ve collected pages and pages of magazines under the guise of mood boards and design inspiration but I’ve always been too intimidated to actually draw anything. MAYBE I’M A PRODIGY JUST WAITING TO BREAK FREEEEEEE…

Or maybe not… but it’s less intimidating to start by drawing someone else’s designs. These were the looks I originally wanted to do for Jane Aldridge’s fashion illustration contest but they were from the wrong season (sad trombone).

click for full-size

As you can see, they are by Chanel and Jason Wu. I used superglue to put the foil on Jason Wu’s design which sucked because superglue does not like paper. Rubber cement probably would have been perfect but I didn’t have any on hand.

Here are the originals that inspired me.

images via Harper’s Bazaar Fall/Winter 2010 Runway Report

These illustrations turned out a little more realistic than I was hoping for which is funny since I don’t think I do realism much at all. Next time I’ll have to try harder for a more stylized version. I almost redrew these but then decided I’d probably be better off getting started on some other projects that I hope to send out as Christmas gifts.


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