giant chalk wall

Our friend has a new sports bar in Williamsburg called 4th Down. I volunteered to do the chalk wall because they’ve always look fun.

First you have to wash the wall, and then wash the wall again and then probably wash the wall a couple more times to get all the chalk residue off.

washy washy

Chalk artists with a smoother surface probably have an easier go of this step.

Next I started sketching out the design we’d agreed on. There was a lot of text information so we’d done a couple rough sketches on paper to make sure it all fit on neatly.

Once I put the basic design up, I could get a little more creative and start filling in color and other fun designs and lettering.

how do you like my beer bottle?

Here’s the final product!

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I’d never done a project of this size before but I would totally do one again!


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2 Responses to “giant chalk wall”

  1. Kat Says:

    looks great! Can’t wait to go and see it in person :)

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