3D to 2D

Whilst browsing through a Crate and Barrel catalogue, I came along this picture of this wire wall-hanging and thought to myself, ‘My, wouldn’t that make a lovely painting?’.

image source, crappy photograph of crate and barrel catalogue page

So I set about painting it. I knew a linen canvas would be the perfect background as it mimics the unfinished concrete wall in the photo perfectly.

Initially I was taking the design straight from the picture but I had to get creative when I started running out of room. I also added little circles to make it look more floral.

It looked too flat with all the circles filled in the same color so I mixed it up a little and made the small ones darker.

After this step I still wasn’t happy so I stared at it for a couple of days and then decided some shading would finish the job.

sorry it's all pixelatey. i had to do some color correction with bad lighting. bad combo.

Tada! Now it’s hanging above our bed and I have plans to make it a few buddies in the same theme.


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One Response to “3D to 2D”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I love it!

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