heads up penny cufflinks


….went out and bought his tux for our wedding in September. COINCIDENTALLY, this weekend is our 3 year anniversary so I decided to whip up some shiny (and I mean SHINY) cufflinks for his new duds as a gift.

Here are the materials:

The first step was locating the cufflink closures and it was more difficult that I had anticipated. I wandered through about 5 stores up on ‘trimmings row’ (6th Avenue between 37th and 38th Streets) before I finally found them. Go to Tosho Shoji (990 Sixth Avenue) and save yourself the time, they’re $1/ea.

I bought the E-6000 at MJ Trimmings while I was looking for cufflinks there, I already had the black felt  and the pennies were from our fishbowl change jar.

First, apply glue to the back of the penny and the back of the cufflink, let dry (get tacky) for a bit, then center your cufflink.

you may notice that there is no glue, that is because this is a dramatic reenactment

While you’re waiting for the glue to set up, cut some penny-sized circles from the black felt. Cut a slit almost all the way through to accommodate the cufflink back.

You’ll definitely want to check the felt for size and trim it before you apply the glue to stick it down.

this felt needs a trim

This is what the backs of my finished cufflinks look like.

the felt covers up the gluey backsides of the pennies

E-6000 is really strong but applying it to a smooth surface is inherently unstable. Due to this, treat them gently because these cufflinks might not last forever (ie: there might be regluing in your future)….

....but they sure look good for now!


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