boiled peanut pity party

Boiled peanuts are amazing. They are the perfect midpoint between salty crunchy peanut and creamy sweet peanut butter, thus I was determined to make my own.

Excitedly I ordered some raw peanuts from as they are very perishable and don’t last long in stores if you ever see them.

Here is the short story of what followed.

In my excitement, I neglected to observe that the peanuts were shelled. As far as I’ve been able to surmise, the shells are important for getting the texture right. I read a bajingo boiled peanut recipes online with very little consensus on how to handle shelled peanuts. In the end I settled for soaking them for a few hours and then boiling them in salted water for a few hours.

The results were quite unsatisfactory.

Boiled peanut recipes needed. Please send help.


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