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Please allow me describe how I feel about the word ‘tablescape’: BAAAARF.

Reading wedding blogs I’ve learned all kinds of WEDDING INDUSTRY terminology that doesn’t exist in the real world (re: wedding suite, not a hotel room) but nothing makes me want to barf nearly as much as ‘tablescape’. Since when is a centerpiece not enough? Why do tables have to have little dioramas of uniquely curated vintage garbage cleverly combined with DIY crafts all over them?

I can paint pictures all day long but when it comes to hanging them in an attractive looking group on the wall, I go cross-eyed. I am simply not naturally talented at grouping things cleverly in the 3D world and when you multiply that by 14 (the number of tables I have to dress), it makes me want to run screaming.

Floral arrangements solve this problem quickly but I neither want to pay for something that will die in a matter of hours, nor am I gifted in the art of floral arrangement to save on costs (see above paragraph). This puts me in the ‘stuff as decor’ category which brings me back to ‘tablescapes’.

I’M NOT SAYING that people shouldn’t make beautiful decor arrangements such as this

image source 100layercake.com

…or this…

image source 100layercake.com

I’m just saying that maybe they could try a little less hard since they’re making all my ideas look utterly inferior. Got that guys? Kthx. I swear, I must be the only bride-to-be that doesn’t have a prop-stylist tucked in her back pocket.

So this is what I’m doing to help me feel better.

not actual wedding design

I made myself a practice tabletop. Instructions will post tomorrow!

In the meantime, something lighthearted….

Props to this bride for backin’ it up in front of god and family at her reception.

image source brooklynbride.com

Get down get dooooooown…


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