“tablescapes” II

To make the mock-up of a 60″ round table I used:

3 sheets 3/16″ foamcore that were 30″x40″

a pin and string

box cutter

black gaffer’s tape

black acrylic paint

sponge paint brush

I bought the wrong size foamcore sheets because I had a brain fart at Artist and Craftsman. I should have either gotten 2 sheets that were at least 30″x60″ or 4 sheets that were 30″x30″. I managed to make it work though.

I marked 30″ marks on 2 edges of one of the foamcore sheets. To make the curved edge I tied a knot in the end of some string and stuck a pin through it.

like this

Then I stuck the pin right in the corner of the board to anchor the string.

Next I tied a pen to the string at the 30″ mark I’d previously put on the board  and then did my best to hold the pen as straight as possible while I traced the arc.

Satisfied with my results I cut out the wedge and then used it as a template to make the 3 other pieces.


Here is a little information on cutting foamcore; always put a cutting surface under your piece so you don’t destroy your table also…


I don’t want anyone to come crying to me after they cut their thumb off.

I then taped the 4 pieces together so that the table top would fold in the middle for easier storage.

yeah, i'm marrying this guy

You might choose to leave yours white but I painted mine black to help my visualization as I will likely be using black tablecloths at the reception.


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