cork trivets

These are about the easiest thing to make, the ~hard~ part is probably drinking all the wine. I just keep a tub to throw corks in and put one of these together when its full.

Here’s what you need:

For starters, NO SYNTHETIC CORKS. I’ve never made this mistake but they’d probably melt. This is a 152mm pipe band which ended up holding about 40 regular corks and one champagne cork to give you an idea of how many to save or collect first.

Open the band almost all the way and start positioning the corks.

When you’re getting close to done look for gaps to stuff more corks into. You need them to fit tightly together so none slip out later.

When you have all your corks in, place the band around their middles.

the champagne cork worked nicely in the center

Then start cinching.

its fine if the band indents the corks a bit

In no time at all, you have a neato DIY trivet!

trivet cake!



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3 Responses to “cork trivets”

  1. Harold Says:

    What? Is there something cool that I can make with my box of wine or screw off tops when I am done? Thanks for the cool idea.

  2. Mickie Says:

    wow do I have the corks to make these……….lol……..great idea and easy!

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