the clean mouth trifecta

Who’s got two thumbs and no health insurance? THIS GIRL!  Anyway, Mike and I jumped on a Groupon to have a our teeth cleaned at a place in Tribeca a couple of months ago and got some slightly sobering evaluations of our dental condition.

Well, I think his was fine but I found out that I have ~cavities~ and unfortunately, they’re going to have to wait. Consequently, I’ve adhered to some pretty comprehensive dental hygiene as you can see in the illustration  below.

click me for full size!

Keep them pearlies white (and cavity-free), folks!


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2 Responses to “the clean mouth trifecta”

  1. Cousin Bry Says:

    Don’t sweat it. In two short weeks, I’ll have my first gold toof! I keep it baller, son! Or, for those with more historical preferences: yargh, i’m soon to be part pirate, me matey!

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