ms or mrs

Weddings make you do crazy things, I just spent over $100 for soda with sentimental value. Granted, half of that was shipping. It’s just not cheap to send 78 lbs of anything across the country.

Other than that, the wedding planning is coming along swimmingly, thanks for asking. Here is a scene I painted when I was still thinking about using balloons as decoration at the reception. Plans have since changed but I still like the picture.

One funny thing that has come up is the Ms vs Mrs debate. I will not be taking my fiance’s last name so am I then Mrs Baldwin or Ms Baldwin?

From what I understood, Ms’s were of indeterminate status; widows, divorcees and people you just didn’t know the details on, and Mrs equaled married. The end. HOWEVER, there appears to be a whole host of fervent opinions on the web and otherwise. I’d link articles but I found it truly boring to read how worked up people would get about the ‘proper’ term for a married woman. Get. A. Life, people.

Mythbusters fans will like this; FOR EXAMPLE, though married, this article makes a big point to call Adam Savage’s wife Ms because she didn’t take his last name.

In summary, from what I can tell, Mrs Baldwin is my mother and I’ll be Ms Baldwin. Or maybe I’ll just insist on everyone addressing letters to me as C-DAWG B. The end.


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3 Responses to “ms or mrs”

  1. Kat Says:

    This reminds me of the illustrations in Roald Dahl books.

  2. Angharad Says:

    And this is exactly why I went to all the trouble of getting a PhD. Just call me Doctor. ;P

    (There was the whole his surname or my surname debate, though, and I generally get called Mrs, even by family members who should know better. I think it’s because people are comfortable with “Dr and Mrs” but not “Mr and Dr”. It’s good to know that sexism is still nicely conditioned into our subconscious.)

    The thing I’m still struggling with is what to do with my maiden name email account??

    • cat baldwin Says:

      dr. watson. excellent.

      here is what you do with your maiden name account.
      create whatever new one you want and have all emails from current account forwarded. then when you reply, everyone will be receive your new email address. after some months, everyone should have it if you’d like to discontinue the old one completely.

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