a little home improvement

I’ve eyed vinyl wall decals for a while now. They’re such a low-effort, security-deposit-respecting way to snazz up your space.

I’d perused them online for several months before I visited my friend Tania‘s apartment which is a veritable decal catalogue in itself. Not only did she make them look super easy, she also had excellent taste (meaning exactly the ones I would have bought). Then sensing my jealousy, she generously sent me a gift certificate to purchase my own!


Mike and I decided to go with the green grass for two reasons. When we first moved to New York I had ambitions to live in a converted warehouse and grow grass in the living room. A SILLY dream since I’m totally allergic to grass and can’t sit in it at all.

The second reason we picked grass was because we shoot stop motion animations against that wall and we thought it would be a fun addition.

A grass decal not only spruces up the place, but acts as a hypoallergenic alternative to my indoor grass grower’s craving.

I like the way it wraps around the corner.

And how it camouflages the outlet!


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5 Responses to “a little home improvement”

  1. mrscummingsrx Says:

    cute!! love that decal! how easy….looks great!

  2. marc Says:

    Shannon and I were going to do the same thing, not with grass (although the grass looks great) but a NYC skyline… and I need to see those stop animations…

  3. Sarah Says:

    Hello! I found your blog through a grass decals image search on Google, & I was wondering where you purchased this decal? It looks great!

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