new couch cushions

look at these ugly cushions

After Mike and I inherited this couch from a friend (funny story, this is actually the couch we ‘lived’ on when we first moved here), I decided it needed to be comfier. The $45 per pillow prices tags at establishments such as Bend-You-Over-A-Crate-And-Barrel did not appeal to me in the least so I bought pillow inserts with the intention of sewing the pillowcases myself. The fact that I didn’t have a sewing machine at the time did nothing to deter me.

About a year later I bought material and ribbons to make the project and again, the lack of a sewing machine deterred me not at all.

About a year after that…. I bought a sewing machine.

I didn’t use a pattern and I’d mostly guessed at the yardage when buying the fabric so I had to do a little McGuyvering to figure it out. I planned for the  back to have an overlap and then tie shut, as you can see above. Mostly, this was to keep the cover removable for washing and avoid having to sew button holes.

this is what it looks like with a pillow in it

The tied back also downplays the fact that the pillowcases could accommodate a pillow that’s a couple inches bigger. I like to think of it as growing room, rather than poor measuring…

The finished product is quite lovely though!

I’m very happy with how it turned out!


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