PS 59 silent auction

One year ago I determined that I’d donate custom artwork to the PS 59 silent auction here in New York, and that I’d get busy building a new portfolio in the intervening months. My boss donates every year and I thought it would be a great way to not only help the cause, but for me to challenge myself and reach a new audience.

Well, I did it and the above package features my donation! I submit a donation of one 8×10 piece of original art, along with 20 greeting cards featuring that design.

The auction organizers had the great idea to pair my donation with that of a whisky tasting and private jazz concert so that who ever won it could use my donation for custom invites if they liked.

See? There is my spoon pic!

The whole package went for $800 so hopefully that will help make a difference. Afterwards my boss and I (probably) freaked out the winners by approaching them to say hi (I had new business cards, I wanted to give them one). Then my boss proceeded to tell them such nice things about me I turned red. Fortunately it was dark in there. Hopefully we didn’t scare them off.


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