gift basket art exchange

Remember this thuper thecret post? Well, the time has come to reveal the details!



The project is an art exchange called “The Gift Basket Project”, which is organized by a gentleman, who lives here in New York,
named David Brandt . I found out about it through my friend Marc Calvary who had already sent in pieces for the 2011 basket.

This year there were 19 participants so everyone had to make 18 of whatever they were contributing. I thought to myself, ‘What do I have 18 of lying around the house….?’. As it turns out, it was empty vending machine bubbles! With these in hand, I decided to make tiny dioramas.

They’re supposed to be creepy but their small size and inept execution usually makes people coo about how cute they are. I am not a sculptor, but come on! An abandoned boat circling a whirlpool! An abandoned desert island! These are creepy, people! I gave them heavily moody titles to try to ramp up the creep factor, stuff like ‘Swept Away…’. Haha. Oh well.

Anyway, I picked three designs and then made 6 or so of each to be disbursed amongst the gift basket participants. Since I was putting so much work into them, I made two trifectas for myself.

Here are some pictures with the lids off:

click to see full size

I got my Gift Basket just the other day and there were some REALLY cool projects in there. It’s clear that people put a lot of creativity and elbow grease into their ideas. The items in my box ran the gamut from homemade vanilla extract to leather-bound flasks to cubed sugar skulls (which are awesome and made by my talented friend, Shawna). My friend Marc actually had TWO projects in the basket and he brought his incredible attention to detail with both the ‘Husband and Wife Cremation Ashes’ and the ‘Subway Handouts’, a must read for New Yorkers.

I’m already looking forward to participating again next year!


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7 Responses to “gift basket art exchange”

  1. vegan chocolate and apricot ice cream « create Says:

    […] to the rest of the pudding ingredients in the blender. I used the homemade vanilla mentioned in this post which was fun. not particularly […]

  2. marc calvary Says:

    I’m still in need of a trifecta!

  3. marc calvary Says:

    Oh. by the way… did you get any response from anyone about your submission? I got ziltch!

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