cupcake flags

So the wedding planning is coming along. A dress has been ordered, centerpiece ideas have been finalized and best of all, Mom flew to New York to visit me while we worked on the details! Fortunately, we managed to get things done quickly enough that we had time to squeeze some fun in too.

here's the most recent project

Cupcake flags are all over the blogosphere/weddingosphere/craftosphere because they’re cute AND because they’re super easy to make. We too are having cupcakes and since I already had all the necessary supplies to I thought I’d throw some together for the reception.

Here is what you need:

Start by trimming all your skewers with the garden snippers. I found that you can cut 2-3 at a time if they’re nice and sharp.

I estimated that mine should be about 4 inches tall.

Once they were all trimmed, I smoothed any with rough edges by rubbing them on sand paper in a circular motion.

Now the fun part starts, putting on the flags! Stick the skewer onto the tape a short length in from the cut end. Next wrap the tape around the skewer and stick it back onto itself, trying to match up the edges exactly so no sticky parts are exposed.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it’s fun to get creative with your flag designs.

go nuts!

**Insider’s tip: a simple pencil sharper works great to re-tip blunt ends if you cut multiple flags from the same skewer.


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