WARNING: girly content ahead!

So, I’d say the current wedding hair favorite has come from an unlikely source…


…but as it turns out, what she thinks is awesome for shopping in Paris is what I think would be awesome to get married up in.

No decisions have been made yet, there is still time to consider other styles, but this is certainly on the yes list.

Also, in preparation for the wedding I’ve started wearing fake eyelashes to get used to them. I only put a few of the ‘short’ tufts on today so it’s pretty subtle but you can kind of tell in this photobooth picture.

I think I’ll gradually get more dramatic until I think I’ve found the right length.

I also got this rad nail job done. I love the colored french manicure. This may be my new favorite thing…



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One Response to “weddink”

  1. Mickie Says:

    cat, I can so see you doing the netting bow, and if you choose bridal netting it will be a bit finer, more flowing. toes and nails look GREAT ;-)

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