paper flowers, part i

Remember that box of cool stuff I found? Well, here is what I’m doing with it…

making paper flowers!

Here are the supplies I’m using:

First I unrolled a bundle of paper strips to see what I was working with. They’re actually pretty long.

I grabbed a medium-sized clump of them and wrapped them up on themselves into a bud shape.

Next, I curled the end of a flower wire into a hook to pinch the paper bits in.

yarg, me mateys

Then I secured the hooked end of the wire around the ‘bud’ base by wrapping it securely.

For the next step, I trimmed the unruly  paper bits at the bud base and then wrapped it with flower tape to make it look nice!

After I’d gotten the hang of if, I whipped out as many small yellow buds as I had paper for.

These will be the centers for some larger flowers in paper flowers, part iii…….


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4 Responses to “paper flowers, part i”

  1. Mickie Says:

    ;-) I knew that color box would have to be played with soon…….lol…..
    Pretty great flower starts

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