vegan chocolate and apricot ice cream

This recipe was inspired by my mother and this dessert that she ordered at Eataly.

It’s chocolate with apricot filling and it was delightful. The rich taste of the chocolate countered extremely well with the tang of the apricot so I thought I’d give it a shot in ice cream form.

the ingredient list

Vegan Chocolate pudding base

1 heaping cup bittersweet chocolate chips

2 T water 16 oz silken tofu, drained (the softest kind)

1/2 cup soy milk

1 T vanilla

3/4 cup sugar

Apricot filling:

1 10 oz jar apricot preserves

1/3 cup water

1/3 cup lemon juice

Why vegan? Probably because I was planning on eating it all and I prefer to save lactaid pills for special occasions. Also, why not?

First I melted the chocolate and water together in the microwave and then stirred the 3/4 cup of  sugar in. Why did I stir it into the chocolate? I’m not sure. I think I thought the heat would make the sugar dissolve but that was not the case and I just had to cross my fingers that I wouldn’t end up with gritty ice cream (it wasn’t gritty).

Then I added the melty chocolate mixture to the rest of the pudding ingredients in the blender. I used the homemade vanilla mentioned in this post which was fun.

not particularly exciting

This what the pudding base looked like. I put in the fridge to chill overnight. Next, I gave the preserves a taste test.

this is the face i make during all serious decision-making

I decided that while it was quite apricot-y, it was neither sweet enough nor tart enough for it’s intended purpose. I decided a lemon simple syrup would solve that problem in a pinch. I put 1/3 cup sugar and 1/3 cup lemon juice in a small pan and heated and stirred it until all the sugar dissolved. Then I added all the preserves and let that cook for a bit to thicken it back up.

here's what that looked like

Once that was done and cool I threw it in the fridge with the pudding base until the next morning. My intention was for the apricot filling to be threaded through the chocolate base, like fudge in store-bought ice cream but unfortunately ice cream makers only come with one speed… churn…

So, even though I waited until the VERY end to put it in (about 3 big spatula scoops, but measure it to your tastes), the apricot-y goodness is a bit more mixed in than I would have liked.

Despite that, however, it is quite delicious and the tofu gives is a great soft texture!

i approve of this flavor


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One Response to “vegan chocolate and apricot ice cream”

  1. Lonnie Says:

    looks good and I enjoyed viewing the pics.

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