doggie art

We adopted a cat from an old roommate a several months ago. It was a perfect situation, we’d already lived with the cat and liked its personality, so when she had to give it up, we were thrilled to take her.

Then she pissed on the couch and crapped on the bed.

More recently we adopted a cat that had been yanked off the streets and fixed. She’s been in what we call ‘kitty jail’ for almost the duration of the time we’ve had her (re: months) while we treat her for a severe case of worms.

lil grey in kitty jail

While my ardor for getting a puppy may have cooled A LOT, that doesn’t mean I don’t still think they’re totally adorable.

too bad these turn out um.... terrifying


HEY! My 100th post is coming up in less than a week, what should I do?!


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