homemade twix bars

I did not create this recipe, Alice Currah from Savorysweetlife.com did. However, I wanted to repost it and share with you all because it is EXCELLENT and seriously easy (can you say no cooking to speak of? I CAN).

I’m not going to go through all the details as she has done a beautiful job of that herself. However I’m happy to share my photos while following her directions. For the full recipe (and decidedly more professional photos) please click HERE.

This is all it takes:

Yep, that’s it! The first step to forming the bars is sticking two pretzel sticks together with halved caramel squares.

Step two is Alice’s wicked brilliant addition of Nutella piped between the pretzels. Delicious AND helpful for filling in the pretzel gap for a nice shape.

Now it’s time to dip them in the melted chocolate.

Definitely the messiest part. I could have done a better job of letting the excess drip off but I’d already dipped half of them before I figured that out.

Another evilly brilliant twist thought up by Alice, sprinkling the bars with salt. I salted half of my batch.

Because the chocolate melts easily with just body warmth, I wrapped mine in parchment paper.

This heaven could be in your mouth right. now.

Please take your time checking out her blog at Savorysweetlife.com.


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