hand-carved salt and pepper stamp

So it’s hurricane weekend 2011 on the East Coast. BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES!!

I was in a serious state of anxiety yesterday until I felt like we’d put a good effort into the homestead fortification. Bottled water? check. Hand-crank radio? check. Booze and other diversions? double-check.

Regardless, I hope all other East Coasters are safe and snug in their apartments and ready to witness what is apparently history. Or at least that’s what our mothers keep saying when they call…

ANYWAY, onto the art, I carved us a salt and pepper stamp!

You may not remember why salt and pepper imagery figures so largely in our lives so here is a reminder.

I actually carved this stamp TWICE. Yep. That’s because I didn’t think to reverse the S and P on the first one which would have then, of course, resulted in them being backwards when stamped. Friends, learn from my mistake, consider all text.


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One Response to “hand-carved salt and pepper stamp”

  1. Diane Lemery McDonald Says:

    Very cute! Making your own stamps is fun.

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