doodles and scribbles

I recently found two fun sites, The Scribble Project  and Doodlers Anonymous.

I’m still figuring out DA but I have to say, if the stuff they post in their blog are DOODLES, then no one is getting any actual work done. Haha.

To participate in The Scribble Project I downloaded this page to fill up with art…

…and here is my completed one!

click here to see bewbies

Boy, Lisa Currie of the Scribble Project acts, fast! Here’s my piece posted in their blog already!


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2 Responses to “doodles and scribbles”

  1. ceciliag Says:

    What a fantastic doodle.. if you disengage your mind when you are doodling do you think the marks you leave are your inner self speaking? is that too weird a thought.. c

    • cat baldwin Says:

      this is actually a collection of doodles, i kept it close at hand for a couple days and would use it to take breaks between projects. regardless, i was fully engaged the whole time.
      i suspect that if i disengaged the doodles would become more abstract but i don’t know if i could ever fully zone out (and still continue drawing). maybe under hypnosis? interesting thought.

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