salt and pepper shaker cake topper

I know I said I was going to carve this out of wood… don’t think I forgot. It’s just that after trying to start the project 3 weeks before the wedding I decided I’d spare myself the deep penetration wounds that would have invariably occurred from rushing a wood carving.

Instead I picked a medium that I am much more comfortable (and quicker) with, illustration. I drew a salt and pepper shaker and then reversed the images in Photoshop so I they would be front to back and printed them on cardstock.

The plan was to put them on bbq skewers so I used double stick tape to attach foam core scraps to the back sides.

I ran the skewers through the foam core to get the placement of the pieces right.

I then glued each entry point for added stability and laid them out to dry.

While they were drying I hand-cut some tiny paper sequins. Turns out we don’t have hole punch, ANYWHERE.

Then I stitched them into a tiny garland, much like the one that decorated the hinoki cypress trees that Mike and I stood in front of during our ceremony.

After that I taped on the ‘back sides’ of the images, glued the garland into place and et voilà! A cute cake topper! (I also can’t wait to get a better picture of this from the wedding photographer).


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