scratch-it bouquet

Remember this teaser? I made scratch-it bouquets!

At the end of the first dance, we gave this bouquet to the couple that had been together the longest which was Mike’s grandparents (50 years!).

Here are directions so you can too. First you’ll need:

Two notes on supplies, 1. I found that using a stapler was better than tape. I was working in the humidity and the last thing I wanted was for all my ‘blooms’ to come undone, 2. I also ended up using green washi (paper tape) in addition to the florist’s tape, more on that later.

First a made a bunch of big buds using the technique from this post.

Then I curled and fastened all the scratch-it flowers with a staple.

Next, I slid a bud into a bloom.

So that it looked like so.

Then I secured the bloom and the bud with green washi tape.

The reason I used washi tape here is because florist’s isn’t that sticky. It gets it’s staying power from being stretched and pressed onto itself. These scratch-it tickets were too slick for it to get a grip  so I had to use the stickier washi tape to secure the blooms in place.

Unfortunately, washi tape isn’t cheap but I’ve used my ten-pack for enough different projects and gift wrapping that I think it’s paid for itself by now.

Here are my grandparents-in-law, Matt and Marjean, with their bouquets!


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