Typically I loooove hunting for a new calendar at the end of the year. The more absurd the better! Last year the choice was hard between ‘Unique Chickens’, and ‘Adult Tree Houses’, (Tree Houses won out). Either way, some how we didn’t manage it this year so I decided to make our own.

I started January off with my first resolution. NO HARD A. Just for one month, I figure it can’t hurt right? It’s been a drinky holiday season.

More resolutions will likely show up in following months…



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6 Responses to “january”

  1. angriestpear Says:

    Good luck! That’s one resolution I would be doomed to fail.

    Really like the calendar!

  2. becomingcliche Says:

    Perfect. “A” can stand for anything. Artichokes, alphabet, though as a blogger, giving up the alphabet can be problematic.

  3. marc calvary Says:

    love the cursive weekends.

  4. february « create Says:

    […] Here is the next installment of my calendar project! […]

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