sweater to cardigan conversion

Here’s a little trick I like to call ‘extending the wardrobe’. You take something you don’t wear anymore and try to turn it into something you will. It’s mostly low pressure because even if you ruin it, it’s not like you were in love with it anyway.

I had a perfectly good men’s sweater that I still liked but didn’t wear much. I can’t lie, not a big fan of a pullover. I knew I’d get some more use out of it with zipper front so promptly I trotted off to Mood and bought one.

After I realized I’d purchased the wrong kind of zipper (dress) I made a second trip to Mood to exchange it for the correct kind (jacket or separating).

Once my supplies were assembled I sat down and realized that my zipper was the wrong length. DOH!

Fortunately for people of my astute observation, there are resources online for shortening zippers. In case you’re thinking about making the same mistake, please see below, the devices that it took to shorten said zipper.

Once that debacle was over, I cut the sweater down the middle where I wanted the zipper to be. You could, of course, cut it off to the side and be all “European” about it if you wanted.

I didn’t want there to be any raw edges inside the sweater so I hemmed them before putting the zipper on.

Next up was the zipper. After stitching it to one side, I found that the sweater’s stripes were great for making sure that everything lined up and didn’t end up skewed.

And et voila, a zippered cardigan!


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2 Responses to “sweater to cardigan conversion”

  1. Winter Gibbs Says:

    Great idea! I was scanning your blog and thought that sweater looked familiar.

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