chalk wall II

I tackled the 15-foot behemoth at 4th Down to give it a fresh look over the last weekend.

That weird thing in the middle is a light-up hockey mask.

it glows

Here are some detail shots.

I was using recalcitrant Bistro chalk markers and practically gave myself carpal tunnel during the process, but they look about 1000x better than regular chalk. MARVY UCHIDA, MAKE MORE COLORS WITH A WIDER TIP WOULD YA? Also, a note to others that want to use the same, this stuff stains chalkboard paint. There is no erasing it, you have to repaint your surface and start over.

What is a shot-ski, you ask? Barring significant height differences, it’s a quick way to you and 3 of your best friends wasted frat-bar style.

image borrowed from



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