create’s 2-year anniversary!

And 200th post! And a new tattoo!

Here are some exclamation points just for the hell of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You like the kite? I like the kite.

Excelsior translates to “ever upward” and is also the NY state motto. A state I love with a world view I can abide by. With that said, I will continue to sally forth on this blog and share all my arty bits with you, the finest of readers. Thank you so much for subscribing and sharing posts with your friends. Watching one’s blog stats grow is a unique thrill that keeps me motivated and accountable.

Speaking of benchmarks, I actually got two tattoos…

…gaze upon my finger ruler!

See that smudgy shadow under the first line? That’s a scar I got from cutting the crap out of myself in a metal-smithing class in college. It healed as a grey smudge because of the silver dust that got in there from the jagged hunk that I cut myself with.

Annoyed about my unintentional “tattoo”, I’d always meant to turn it into something else. And so I did. And now it is a handy ruler. HANDY RULER OMG.

I have to go now before I gross you all out with my uncontrollable punnery.

Tattoos done by the hilarious and talented Jess Versus of Brooklyn

PS. thanks again, guys! You’re the best!


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6 Responses to “create’s 2-year anniversary!”

  1. Bill Marsh Says:

    what if your finger gets longer when you’re a grownup?

  2. almafumiko Says:

    LOVE your handy ruler!

  3. What I Desired To Say Says:

    No guy can BS you now. LOL

  4. marc calvary Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

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