advent calendars

Last year I made advent calendars for my brother’s kids and my friend Chelsea’s son, Malik. It was pretty last-minute so I chose to work with images I already had.

First I found some 2″x2″ Christmas-y envelopes and numbered them.

Then I printed out 25 (totally random) images on small cards.

I stuffed the envelopes.

And then sealed them onto a length of baker’s twine and quickly shipped them off!

Here is my brother’s family with their calendar. Aren’t they adorable?!

My plan is to make this an annual tradition. I’ve already started working on this year’s calendars because I had visions of forgetting and having to whip out 25 original drawings on November 30th and I decided that was no good.

This year’s calendars will have a number of improvements including a theme throughout. I’ll repost about them later in the year in case you’d like to order one!


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2 Responses to “advent calendars”

  1. Nancy Farmer Says:

    I love this! I am at the moment completing my last sketch (sketch only, mind, not started painting yet…) for my next year’s calendar for 2013… I always wanted to do advent calendars too, but I fear they will be uninteresting to my younger relatives unless filled with chocolate… maybe i’m wrong and too cynical!?

    • cat baldwin Says:

      Based on the feedback I got from kids I sent them to last year, I’d say it really depends on their ages.
      Along with the calendars I sent a little note suggesting that they open the envelope every day as a family and ask the kids what the picture made them think about to inspire a fun discussion. :)

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