gif from the met

Things started off on the wrong foot at the Met here in New York when the door guard made me throw away $10 worth of fancy-pants sandwiches I had in my purse for later in the day. They wouldn’t even us check them in a bag or coat! Whatever, jerks.

Fortunately, things changed for the better as we wandered around, amazed by how much there was to see and how little of it our tiny brains were going to be able to take in.

I learned that for the most part I really like the work of Paul Klee.

I also made this gif in front of pieces by an artist that I was too caught up in the process to write down. Bad Cat.


click to see it animate



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3 Responses to “gif from the met”

  1. ilabelu Says:


  2. Roxie Reeves Says:

    I like that your cowlick doesn’t move at all. ;)

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