sewing projects galore!

Hey friends, what did you do over the weekend? I am pleased to say that I managed to put down 3 separate sewing projects. Does that make me the evil veterinarian of projects? It’s worth considering…

Anyhow, here we go. First up is a new beach umbrella holder!


It was just two summers ago that after being trapped on a beach for a whole day without an umbrella that I said EFF THAT as I left, beet-red, and swore I’d never go to the beach again without one (lesson also learned in regards to shoddily applied sunscreen). Evidence:


when i burn my bits, i only burn the OUCHIEST bits

I made good on this promise to myself by buying the biggest, BRIGHTEST rainbow umbrella I could find and have toted it with me on every successive beach trip so that I can hide under it like a little turtle and only expose my vampire-like pallor to the sun during the briefest of jaunts into the surf.

Consequently, the little plastic bag that it came in has not survived well and is now about as effective for umbrella carrying as those self-adhesive, strap-less bras are for holding actual boobs. It works great until you stop paying attention and then your shit is all over the place.

Thusly, when one of my clients replaced a couch slip cover, I got my hands on some white canvas and I set about to making a new one. Here are some process pics.

I do love fabric that rips in a neat line.



The bottom of the bag before I mitered the corners. I have no idea if that’s the technical term for what I did, but I did it.




BOOM. Bag has a fancy bottom that feels sturdier.


Thar she blows. The bag is a success but it is BORING and is going to show dirt in a nanosecond.


I definitely didn’t want the bottom of the bag to be white, so I painted it and a few more contrast stripes for fun.


And the finished project again. Pretty snazzy!


Next up, a sewing post to brag about a wonderful project by one of my best friends!

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2 Responses to “sewing projects galore!”

  1. Diane McDonald Says:

    Nice job Cat. You made that flat bottom in the perfect manner. I love that you painted the fabric to get your stripes.
    Very creative and practical.

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