this post is brought to you by polka dots

It’s Labor Day weekend which means that my favorite season is coming to an end. I wanted to put up a quick summer-y post before it’s over but first, this…

image via

Isn’t this gif hilarious? Every time I look at it I think, “gettin’ my craft on, getting my craft on!”

Anyhoosey, on to the polka dots!

This is a lanyard.


It is the lanyard that I have used to fish my keys from the bottom of my purse since college. It is sturdy, colorful and convenient.

It is also the lanyard that has caused one of my clients, on more than one occasion, to mention that I am 30 and far too old to have my keys on a beer lanyard. OH AM I NOW?

It’s true though, beer lanyard = not so classy, so I decided to ramp up my game by putting together this polka dotty creation.


Vastly improved!

While I had the sewing machine out I whipped up another project. My dude had just discarded a pair of grey dickies that fit me perfectly and I was determined to make them into a cute pair of shorts. After cutting and hemming they were almost there but needed something more.


So, I polka dotted them! Since they were a hand-me-downs I had no fear using whatever supplies I had lying around, namely watered down acrylic paint and a pen bottom, to create the dotted pattern.


The pattern makes them much more fun and they are easily my favorite shorts right now. Also, the paint dots haven’t budged through regular washing and drying so have no fear substituting regular acrylic for fabric paint yourself.

So with that, I hope  you are checking your inbox before you head off to a BBQ to enjoy this, one of the last days of summer. Have a great one!

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One Response to “this post is brought to you by polka dots”

  1. michellebryer Says:

    Can I just say how much I love that GIF??

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