wood burning tool

I recently bought a wood burning tool to make a gift. I would have rather borrowed one but apparently there is a dearth of loanable wood burning tools in the NYC metro area.

No 7 restaurant in Fort Greene celebrated their 5th anniversary a couple of weeks ago. Because wood is the “traditional” gift of 5 year (wedding) anniversaries my idea was to design a wooden spatula to give them for the occasion.

I bought a bag of wooden kitchen utensils and practiced first on a spoon.


Here are some more pictures.



Then I got to work on the spatula. First I burned their logo onto it.


Every time you touch the wood burner tool to the wood a puff of campfire-smelling smoke rises up. It was a rather pleasant way to spend an hour or so, even if it made my eyes burn a little.


Once it was all done, I shortened the handle and then set it into a shadow box frame.


It was on display at the restaurant during the party!


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4 Responses to “wood burning tool”

  1. Diane Says:

    Nice job Cat. I love wood burned things. I too enjoy the smell that results.
    I myself never had much luck getting the burned effect as nicely as you did on your spatula. Hm, I think there are some nice Christmas present ideas here in this post.

  2. reevesre Says:

    Love this idea! And the spatula turned out beautifully!

  3. Lindsey Says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! Great give idea!!!

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