“The Pain” music video for Elin Ruth

Check out this music video that I assisted on for Elin Ruth, directed by Magnus Göransson.

Catchy song, no? I bet you’re ready to watch it again so here are some insider production notes to entertain you along the way.

0:14 The bar scenes were shot at Claret in Sunnyside, NY

0:18 That handsome devil to the right of Elin is her husband!

0:27 See that fancy hat she’s wearing? That’s just one of a number of fancy hats that have a habit of appearing on peoples’ heads when they’ve been drinking. Exhibit A.

0:33 SMOOCHY SMOOCHY. To get this scene, the director practically had to crawl under the covers with them. Ooo la la!

0:36 Claret’s owner, Justin, played the part of the bartender.

1:04 This was shot on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

1:10 At 5’9″ I’m no shrimp but both Elin and her husband clock in at over 6′ tall. In this shot, I’m just off-screen jumping and throwing feathers around like crazy to get them high enough to rain DOWN on two people who are significantly taller than me. (I am also simultaneously having a heart attack about getting in trouble for littering the street with lovely white feathers.)

1:15 The following gorgeous views were shot on a roof deck that was over 39 stories up!

1:18 Elin’s own bathroom (and toothbrush).

1:53 I don’t think this scene was on the schedule but when half of the train car we were in cleared out, Elin and the director sprang into action to take advantage of the great shot.

1:58 Another New York landmark, the Flatiron building!

2:12 Well, hello little squirrelio. Another unexpected but great moment. I had recently been accosted by squirrels in this park for nuts (yes, I am an old lady that carries a bag of nuts around with her at all times) so we put a nut in Elin’s hand and tried not to let the squirrel steal the show.

2:22 Real talk. Standing in a room, tacitly watching someone bawl their eyes out is a hard thing to do.

2:56 Director, Magnus Göransson,  pulls a Hitchcock and makes a cameo as an irritated bar patron.

3:12 Look, ruffians outside the bar! (And I’m one of them!) In an effort to be authentically tough, I smoked a cigarette for this part and promptly made myself ill. ~METHOD ACTING~

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed it!

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