A Bartender’s Tale

I am in no way affiliated with Jack Daniels or Brooklyn Magazine but I wanted to share the animation contest that they’re having  because it is so great. It combines two of my favorite things, which are funny stories (told from the perspectives of 8 different bartenders) and animation!

These 8 great videos are in the running. The winning bartender will get to tour the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, TN (WHAT ABOUT THE ANIMATORS?!).

“The Trouble With Pee Wee” featuring Jesse Sullivan, animated by Sam Ferri

“The Pride of Brother Paul” featuring Jeffery Yokum, animated by Andrew Zimbelman

“Fairytale of Brooklyn” featuring Mary Guiteras, animated by Danielle Ash (this one is even stop-motion!)

“Snowbunnies, Pirates, and Painters Oh My!” featuring Rusty James, animated by Erica Pérez

“The Regular” featuring Jan Bell, animated by Marina Gagarina

“The Puppy Always Knocks Twice” featuring Diane O’Debra, animated by Leah Shore

“The Third Man” featuring Selma Slebiak, animated by Jake Nelson

“Vince’s Birthday” featuring Danny Hastings, animated by Zack Williams

You can vote on which one you think should win by clicking here but be sure to get your opinion logged by January 29 because that’s the last day they’ll be taking votes before announcing the winner at an event in Williamsburg on January 30.

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One Response to “A Bartender’s Tale”

  1. diane Says:

    Those were fantastic videos. Funny, touching, hilarious and interesting stories. Casts a new light on the job of being a bartender.

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