make cool shit or look at cool shit?

I am the WORST at falling into the internet wormhole of wasting time. Sometimes it feels like I’ll read articles on ANYTHING.

Am I preparing to be a Jeopardy contestant?


Then why am I boning up on national crime stories, buzzfeed listicles, human interest pieces and literally any other article with a title that captures my attention?

That said, when I caught myself in an internet time-suck loop for the eleventy billionth time I decided to do something about it. After surgically removing my eyes from the screen and prying my atrophied hand off the mouse, I did some laundry, ran some errands and painted this piece.

make cool shit


Make cool shit or look at cool shit? It’s easy for me to rationalize the absurd amounts of time I spend reading shit online as self-education but the truth of the matter is that every minute spent on some dumb site is one that I’m not painting, drawing or otherwise creating. To make it abundantly clear, I mounted it to the top of my monitor so that it will loom over me when I think I need to check Facebook again.


Here are a couple of detail shots.



If on my deathbed I regret that I didn’t spend more time online then slap me silly and call me Susan.

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3 Responses to “make cool shit or look at cool shit?”

  1. alan rich Says:

    nice job susan!

  2. mycreativeresolution2014 Says:

    Love it! It is so true!

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