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wedding gif – last wedding-related post

November 25, 2011

To mark what should be my last wedding-related post (at least about OUR wedding), here’s a gif of Dmitri Von Klein, our wedding photographer, and I in the photo booth at the reception.

I may be the last person on this whole gif wagon but they are fun! I made mine here.

did anyone notice the disappearing purple disk?

wedding suite and printed materials

November 19, 2011

It may come as no surprise that I designed all the printed materials for our wedding. Here are some really marginal pictures of most of them.

The Save the Date:

The bridal shower invite:

Our neat-o triple fold invitation:

the front

the back of the rsvp card

the inside

The Menu/Programs:

The poor picture quality doesn’t do them justice. It was a learning experience and not everything was perfect (hello RSVP cards with no name line)  but we were pretty happy with the results!

It was certainly a fun design challenge to keep the themes consistent without being boring and repetitive.

thank you cards

November 16, 2011

Here are my illustrations for Mike’s and my wedding thank you cards.

This how awesome we’re expecting our honeymoon to be…

DIY wedding photo booth

November 13, 2011
the in-laws attack!

when in-laws attack!

I have seen few things produce better laughs than the results of a photo booth at a wedding reception. Unfortunately, renting them can run into the thousands, however, given a little favor-asking and some elbow grease, you can achieve similar results for much less.

The two things that make photo booths great are:

1. A lack of supervision

An unattended camera is going to produce much less inhibited results than one with a professional clicking the shutter.

2. Booze

Speaking of lowering inhibitions, there’s nothing like a little booze to get the funny bone warmed up, provided you’re over 21, of course.

First you need to find a DSLR, or digital SLR. You’ll definitely want to go digital for this because it will be no fun to see dollar signs every time someone hits the shutter. Next you’ll need a tripod and a remote leash. The remote leash is so that people can take pictures of themselves, while standing in front of the camera.

Lastly, you’ll need some fun backdrop for people to stand against, here’s mine:

I’m not sure of the total cost, but between the roll of kraft paper and the accordion paper decorations, I’m pretty sure I managed to keep it under $30. Luckily for us, our “photo booth” got a lot of love and a little wear and tear, but that just meant there were props! Here are some of my favorite images from the night.

more cake toppers!

November 4, 2011

Maybe I should go into business….

Two of our best friends were married about a month ago, an event for which I made some custom cake toppers! They’d discussed getting crowns as couple tattoos before so I thought I’d use their design idea for the cake.

The guy crown was a cinch but I puzzled over the lady crown. I wanted it to be feminine but not diminutive. Fortunately I was finally able to come up with something that I liked.

the 'he crown'

the 'she crown'

Here they are on the cake!

apple place settings

October 26, 2011

Remember this?

That post might have been in July but surprise, those leaves were a wedding project for the table decoration!

Here’s a picture of the set-up.

click to see larger

And here’s a close up from our wonderful wedding photographer Dmitri Von Klein.

scratch-it bouquet

October 23, 2011

Remember this teaser? I made scratch-it bouquets!

At the end of the first dance, we gave this bouquet to the couple that had been together the longest which was Mike’s grandparents (50 years!).

Here are directions so you can too. First you’ll need:

Two notes on supplies, 1. I found that using a stapler was better than tape. I was working in the humidity and the last thing I wanted was for all my ‘blooms’ to come undone, 2. I also ended up using green washi (paper tape) in addition to the florist’s tape, more on that later.

First a made a bunch of big buds using the technique from this post.

Then I curled and fastened all the scratch-it flowers with a staple.

Next, I slid a bud into a bloom.

So that it looked like so.

Then I secured the bloom and the bud with green washi tape.

The reason I used washi tape here is because florist’s isn’t that sticky. It gets it’s staying power from being stretched and pressed onto itself. These scratch-it tickets were too slick for it to get a grip  so I had to use the stickier washi tape to secure the blooms in place.

Unfortunately, washi tape isn’t cheap but I’ve used my ten-pack for enough different projects and gift wrapping that I think it’s paid for itself by now.

Here are my grandparents-in-law, Matt and Marjean, with their bouquets!

wedding hair accessories

October 20, 2011

Here are a couple of hair pins I whipped up for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.

These white bows were from my mother’s wedding dress. We’d cut them off when I was collecting materials to make what eventually became my wedding corsage.

Since they were already snipped off, I was determined to find a use for them and decided they’d make a fine hair accessory for the rehearsal dinner. Their construction was pretty simple. Here’s a picture of the back.

Here’s a picture from that night.

At the same time, I made a couple sparkly bobby pins to put in my hair on the wedding day. I used the leftover beads from making the wedding corsage and twisted them onto some extra long bobby pins with craft wire.

And here they are in my schmancy wedding hair.

(image shot by Dmitri Von Klein)

wedding gift bag tags and stamp

October 17, 2011

In keeping with our New York-themed wedding, I’d collected 130+ metro cards to use as tags on our gift bags.

I picked up some avery labels with the closest dimension to the metro card and then trimmed them to fit to stick our thank you message on their backs.

After all the labels were affixed, I decided to carve a stamp because they needed some more color. Here are my supplies and template:

Here’s the completed stamp.

 And here’s a fully constructed gift bag!

wedding nightmare illustration

October 8, 2011

After the wedding, Mike and I took our parents out for ‘We Survived’ brunch to say thanks for everything. I thought it would be appropriate to illustrate one of my wedding stress dreams for the invitations.


In other news, tomorrow is my birthday! :)

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