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easy sparkly ornaments

November 25, 2012

While wandering the internet, I recently saw an image of glass ball ornaments that had been filled with shredded antique book pages and thought to myself, “my, that’s clever”.

Then I realized that I still have THIS kicking around!


Feeling the Christmas decorating spirit, I immediately jumped on and ordered some glass balls.


They arrived quickly and intact, and I got to work stuffing them with shiny paper shreds.

Then I strung them up on some twine, promptly breaking one in the process.


Careful with those glass balls, they are fragile.

Here is another fun and easy project by Alisa Burke that you can make with glass ball ornaments.


advent calendar – last sneak peek!

November 13, 2012

Did I say that already? NO MATTER.

HERE is the last sneak peek.

Pre-order yours today!

more advent calendar

October 29, 2012

Back in the office today. Sussing out the details on sticker size etc. Getting close now!


advent calendar how-to

January 27, 2012

Sorry to post this after the fact, I’ve meant to draw it forever… aaand by that I mean YOU’RE WELCOME. Please feel free to get a head start on your calendar for 2012.

To download and print the instructions, please click here!

Happy Holidays 2011!

December 25, 2011

Hope you are celebrating the holiday exactly as your prefer, in company or without, boozy or sober, at home or somewhere else fun.

eh, facebook IV

March 18, 2011

Dramatic removal of all art images from Facebook: Day Four.

I made this invitation for a friend a couple of winters ago. Fortunately my friend Kibwe Johnson at the top right, who is a very talented hammer thrower and his friend, the scantily clad gentleman on the left (though he is allegedly wearing pants), G. Martin Bingisser, also a hammer thrower, were both very accommodating about the use of their image. For this, I would like to recommend any track and field fans check out their links as we will all probably  see both competing in the Olympics some day.

I fished the guy on the bottom out of a GIS (google image search) but I think he looks suspiciously like Seth Herzog. You be the judge.

I made this in response to Mike Birbiglia‘s Facebook request for a Christmas card design. I never submitted it as I wasn’t sure whether it infringed on the copyright of whoever designed his book cover but I did later tag him in it. No response, but also, no cease and desist letter….

Merry X-Mas!

December 25, 2010


Hope everyone is safe, warm and in good company.

Have a happy holiday!



christmas tree

December 11, 2010

It’s that time of year! I prefer non-traditional traditions so I often want to make my tree instead of buying a real one. Bonus: less recycling in your bin and no needles to vacuum up!

Here are pictures of two Christmas trees I’ve made.

We loved both of them so much that the first one stayed up well into April and we still have the second one and combined it with a giant octopus I made for our engagement party (that’s why it’s wearing a ring) for a sort of B-rate horror movie effect ala OCTOPUS FROM HELL ATTACKS XMAS!!

This year, though, we decorated our (new) houseplant Charlie to make him feel welcome.

handsome devil


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